Firm Design Process

The design process is dependent on the development of a good architectural design program based on the client needs and use of the building. The program is important for a successful project. As an Architectural firm with more than 17 years experience, we have completed a number of projects and can provide the owner with a considerable amount of experience in programming and many areas of project design and delivery.

We firmly believe the Owner should be well represented in all phases of the project. During design we meet with the client as needed to help define their requirements and provide an architectural design based on their needs and the requirements of those who use, maintain, and interface with the building. After we have preliminary design approval from the client, we proceed with design development and construction documents. During all phases of design we endeavor to work in concert with the client and our civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers to produce well coordinated construction documents within the project schedule and budget.

With the project team we make a concerted effort to be sure the building design addresses the following:

  1. Energy conservation through site use, building orientation, building materials, mechanical and electrical systems
  2. Local, state, and national codes are observed
  3. The building takes advantage of existing site conditions
  4. The design respects local and regional conditions
  5. The building is environmentally friendly

Our goal is to design and help provide a project that fulfills and exceeds the client’s requirements.


Quality control starts with well-documented drawings and specifications and continues through construction. We strongly believe that there should be continuity between the design and construction phases of a project. We strive to accomplish this by having the design Architect continue to be involved with the construction of the project on a regular basis. We visit the project site during construction as needed by the client and project conditions. We provide construction observation reports and construction progress meetings at the site. We also require and review all product submittals with respect to their compliance with the project specifications and design intent. After the project is complete, we work on the project during the Owner’s warranty period with the Contractor and endeavor to assist the owner with their present and future project needs.